Urban Farmhouse Renovation – The Phillips

Urban Farmhouse Renovation – The Phillips

In today’s DIY-centered world, there’s always something to redesign, update, or add to. For many of us that “something” is the basement. Basements quickly become the catch-all for old furniture, hand-me-down decor, workout equipment, and toys for the kids. Many basements are also unfinished and remain so for far longer than we ever thought they would. Though the rest of the house may be exactly the way we want it, we dread looking down the hall and remembering the decorating and organizational failure that we know exists behind the closed door.


We can’t really blame the basement for being an extra, multi-purpose space; that’s what they were designed to be. But we can tackle the renovation process and create a space that is beautiful as well as functional, and that’s what Chris and Marie Phillips did in their beautiful farmhouse-styled home in Milton, GA. With plenty of space for their family in the rest of the house, the Phillips desired to have a space that would be attractional for their two young teens and their friends. The spacious living room, dining area, functional kitchen, and spare bedroom did just that.


How did the Phillips incorporate their farmhouse decor in the basement? Reclaimed wood. The Phillips worked with their contractor and NLB Furniture to design, build, and install pieces that brought character and warmth to their space. Open shelving begins in the kitchen but is mirrored in the living room, where two sets of shelves flank a thick-cut mantle beam. The brackets used throughout the space modernizes the look, adding an industrial flair and accenting the hardware for the custom barn doors in the dining room.


Effectively hidden on the other side of the doors is the tastefully decorated spare room, which serves as a quiet basement retreat for guests or an extra bedroom for the kids and their friends. The reclaimed wood on the doors ties into the theme that is highlighted by the countertops in the kitchen. These reclaimed oak countertops are serve as the centerpiece of the room, tying together the warm, farmhouse design.


Renovations don’t have to be difficult. Paint a few walls, pick out new wall art, trade out a boring door for a barn door – incorporate a touch of your personality. You might be surprised at how much difference one change can make.
To find out more about our custom pieces, give us a call at 678.456.5395. Special thanks to Chris and Marie Phillips and Greg Albright with Vision Basements (770.480.4178).

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