Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood contains character and beauty that cannot be recreated. Characteristics include knots, nail holes, insect bores, color variations, and unique grain patterns that tell a story from its previous life. We choose to use reclaimed wood for many reasons, but the greatest of these is that it reflects the mission of No Longer Bound. Using reclaimed wood preserves history by telling its story.


We obtain wood from old barns, warehouses, horse farms, and other historical structures throughout the United States. The heart pine beam mantle on display may be from a local home built in the 1880’s, and perhaps the reclaimed oak dining table that caught your eye was built with wood from a Kentucky farm that trained and raised prize race horses. Wherever it came from, we believe it has a story worth telling: each piece of wood has been rescued from disposal and hopelessness and regenerated into something new and valuable.


Just as reclaimed wood has been restored and repurposed, so the lives of the residents at No Longer Bound have been transformed into something new. Yes, there are imperfections and scars, but we choose to interpret them as character and beauty, signs of a story that is yet to be told.


In addition to preserving a story, using reclaimed wood is a responsible decision. We source our reclaimed lumber from all over the United States, acquiring excellent material for each project while also supporting the national economy.


While we appreciate the character and history found in reclaimed wood, we understand that it is not for everyone. Our ash dining tables provide a smoother, more finished alternative.