A Pop of Color – Custom Barn Doors

A Pop of Color – Custom Barn Doors

We had the privilege of making this bold barn door for designer Kerry Howard, founder of KMH Interiors. Placed in a beautiful kitchen in downtown Atlanta, our rainstorm blue door incorporates Kerry’s signature “pop of color” in this stunning design. Thanks, Kerry, for letting us join you in bringing this family’s dream kitchen to life!
A Pop of Color – Custom Barn Doors with designer Kerry Howard

While we love working with families and homeowners, it’s always a privilege to partner with designers like Kerry Howard. Owner of KMH Interiors, Kerry has a passion for design that began during childhood. His grandmother thought he would grow up to be a preacher, but Kerry works with people in a different way: “In essence, [design] is the way I change people’s lives . . . one home at a time”. Kerry’s engaging personality and keen eye for design make him an excellent designer, and he’s been featured on both HGTV and Bravo. Formerly the president of the Georgia chapter of the American Society for Interior Design, Kerry now focuses on his clients and his interior design business here in Atlanta.

Our NLB Furniture team was first introduced to Kerry in the spring of 2016, and it’s been an amazing partnership from the start. A mutual designer friend recommended Kerry as one of our guest hosts at the designer event we presented in April 2016, and he graciously accepted. It was an honor to meet with him that evening and have him be a part of such a pivotal event for NLB Furniture. We discovered that he was far more than a famous designer: he was a man who was passionate about design and about people.

Kerry later came to visit No Longer Bound’s campus and was moved by the life change he saw happening there. We gave him the full tour of our location, from the showroom to the industrial-grade paint booth, and it was a pleasure to have him join us and brainstorm about different ways that he could be involved with what we were doing. As he puts it, “I left with a greater passion and understanding of what you guys actually do . . .I saw this group of men who were just dedicated and it was like they were putting everything they had, it was what was changing their life at the same time, and . . . it was just a given that I needed to work with you guys in some way.” He soon found his chance: a beautiful, modern-meets-farmhouse kitchen remodel on the outskirts of downtown Atlanta.

When Kerry reached out to us about being a part of this project, we jumped at the chance. His vision for a barn door with a pop of color that would tie in the color scheme of the rest of the kitchen was a first for us, as many of our doors feature natural wood tones and finishes. Though the colors seemed bold in the paint can, everyone on the project was pleased with the finished product.

Another new challenge for our wood shop, the door’s long, narrow window added dimension and height to the space. As Kerry notes, it was an opportunity for us to “step up to the plate and try something new” – and we’re certainly glad that we did!

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