Our Story

NLB Furniture is an industry of No Longer Bound, a regeneration program for addicted men. Our mission is to Rescue Addicts, Regenerate Men, and Reconcile Families. To carry out that mission, the residents working in our program’s wood shop build handcrafted furniture for our amazing clients. From barn doors and accent walls to dining tables and desks, we offer a wide variety of furniture pieces in multiple styles. But why come to NLB Furniture? What sets us apart from other furniture stores?


Our handcrafted furniture.

By including clients in the creative process, we enable them to purchase furniture that fits their unique style. Finishing options, bases, sizes, and more are chosen by the customer, and that’s the way we like it.


The reclaimed wood we use has a story.

We use reclaimed resources in the same way our men’s lives are being reclaimed: what was old and worthless is being turned into a beautiful piece of functioning art. Each piece of furniture is full of history, just like the hands that built it.


We’re changing lives.

We aren’t only building furniture. As one of No Longer Bound’s industries, we are providing residents of the program with job skills and a second chance. Your purchase at NLB Furniture makes a difference in the lives of a man and his family through the Regeneration Program at No Longer Bound.