Meet Our Craftsmen


NLB Furniture Director & Lead Designer

You can usually find Trish in one of a few places – on her boat, with her husband or in the kitchen.  A lover of cooking, her kitchen is stocked with gadgets you never knew you wanted (or existed!).  No Longer Bound is a special place for Trish who was first introduced to the ministry through the custom furniture and later as an Ambassador.  “Lives are changed, life is restored and relationships are mended.  It’s not too often in your career you have an opportunity to combine passion with purpose – I’m lucky I’ve been able to find this match at NLB Furniture with a front row seat to everyday miracles.”


Showroom Manager

Laura loves visiting the lake with her dog, Gabriel, where she can sit and be still in creation. Her husband and son bring her joy and constant support. Laura was excited to join the team at NLB Furniture because of the ministry’s focus – to change lives. “Here at NLB Furniture, I get to participate in the regeneration of the residents and help them discover and use their creativity!”


Project Manager

An avid traveler, Hamilton has traveled to 26 countries and over half of the US National Parks. He likes to garden and hang out with his dog Maple, a Belgian Malinois. Working at NLB Furniture is Hamilton’s version of the “Perfect Job”: he gets to do something that he loves and believes in while also helping men make daily positive changes that impact the rest of their lives.


“Before No Longer Bound, I was deep in my addiction to alcohol. Hopeless and lost, I finally decided to seek help. After one short month my belief system is changing and I’m beginning to have a relationship with my heavenly Father. For once in my life, I know I’m exactly where I need to be.”


“I came to No Longer Bound broken, hopeless, and detached from my family. After twelve years of drug addiction, dying on the inside and trying to function on the outside, I knew something major had to change. NLB has given me the opportunity and  courage to find my purpose and God’s plan for my life and to be a father that my family has prayed for.”


“I grew up in Georgia and moved to Tennessee at age 17. I had to rebuild the friendships I had from scratch. I joined the baseball team in my new high school and immediately was accepted by the wrong crowd. Things really began to take a turn for the worse. I began to feel more and more alone, and drugs were what I ran to. At 22, I have nothing left to my name, and No Longer Bound rescued me.”


“I was consumed with drugs since I was 14. I found Christ as my Lord when I was 19 but backslid on Him countless times. I lost hope in life and cried out to the Lord. He heard my cry and used No Longer Bound to rescue me from bondage. My heart has found hope and light. I have been sober for some time now…I am No Longer Bound.”


“I got caught up comparing everyone else’s highlights to my reality, thinking I had missed something in my life. To help deal with my failed expectations, I turned to alcohol. Now I am realizing God has a plan that far exceeds any expectation I have ever made.”


“Growing up, my family lived a different lifestyle and moved around a lot. As a result, I struggled to possess a sense of acceptance, connection, and belonging. In a state of desperation to receive these things, I turned to drugs and alcohol. Here at NLB I am learning that a healthy relationship with God and others can help me obtain all of the things I had been wanting.”