About Us

NLB Interiors is an industry of No Longer Bound, a regeneration program for addicted men. Our mission is to Rescue Addicts, Regenerate Men, and Reconcile Families. To carry out that mission, the residents in our program’s wood shop build handcrafted furniture for amazing clients (like you!). From barn doors and accent walls to dining tables and desks, we offer a wide variety of furniture pieces in multiple styles. But why come to NLB Interiors? What sets us apart from other furniture stores?


Our handcrafted furniture.

By including clients in the creative process, we enable them to purchase furniture that fits their unique style. Finishing options, bases, sizes, and more are chosen by the customer, and that’s the way we like it.


The reclaimed wood we use is authentic; it has a story.

We use reclaimed resources in the same way our men’s lives are being reclaimed: what was old and worthless is being turned into a beautiful piece of functioning art. Each piece of furniture is full of history, just like the hands that built it.


We’re saving lives – really.

We aren’t only building furniture. As one of No Longer Bound’s industries, we are providing residents of the program with job skills and a second chance. All of our proceeds directly support No Longer Bound, and your purchase at NLB Interiors makes a difference in a man’s life and in his family’s lives.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed Wood contains character and beauty that cannot be recreated. Characteristics include knots, nail holes, insect bores, color variations, and unique grain patterns that tell a story from its previous life. We choose to use reclaimed wood for many reasons, but the greatest of these is that it reflects the mission of No Longer Bound. Using reclaimed wood preserves history by telling its story.


We obtain wood from old barns, warehouses, horse farms, and other historical structures throughout the United States. The heart pine beam mantle on display may be from a local home built in the 1880’s, and perhaps the reclaimed oak dining table that caught your eye was built with wood from a Kentucky farm that trained and raised prize race horses. Wherever it came from, we believe it has a story worth telling: each piece of wood has been rescued from disposal and hopelessness and regenerated into something new and valuable.


Just as reclaimed wood has been restored and repurposed, so the lives of the residents at No Longer Bound have been transformed into something new. Yes, there are imperfections and scars, but we choose to interpret them as character and beauty, signs of a story that is yet to be told.


In addition to preserving a story, using reclaimed wood is a responsible decision. We source our reclaimed lumber from all over the United States, acquiring excellent material for each project while also supporting the national economy.


While we appreciate the character and history found in reclaimed wood, we understand that it is not for everyone. Our ash dining tables provide a smoother, more finished alternative.

Our Process.

Working with reclaimed wood requires a high level of expertise and a proven process. Although there are many who build reclaimed wood tables, we trust our process and quality over any other.



We only use the highest of quality in materials. We use a combination of red and white oak on all of our pieces, producing an heirloom-quality piece of furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. All lumber has been kiln-dried to reduce the natural shifting of the table, to ensure our lumber is bug free, and to prevent the warping and bowing characteristic of reclaimed wood.



We teach each craftsman our proven process and follow up with inspection and quality control. Using a JLT Clamping System delivers the tightest bond between each board on a table top. We have a fully functional industrial paint booth that provides a high level of protection for your table, a quality which is usually tough to create without resulting in the dreaded “high gloss” finish. Each table is finished with a sealer and conversion varnish, yielding a strong and durable surface.


Customer Satisfaction

We take care of our customers and above all want you to be satisfied with your furniture purchase. We assume responsibility in communicating the characteristics of reclaimed wood and will not start a project if we are not confident that we are on the same page. Our goal is to create a piece that fits your needs both functionally and aesthetically. We recognize that our customers provide the opportunity for this business to grow, and nothing is more important to us than knowing that our customers are pleased with their purchase.


Wood Shop Manager

In his spare time, Jon likes to hunt, and being 6’5” makes basketball another great pastime. For Jon, No Longer Bound is where he found purpose and love. It changed his perspective: as he puts it, “My life is no longer about what I can gain from others but what I can do to help them.”


Jason served 6 years in the Marine Corps and loves hiking because, as he puts it, “it is where I feel closest to God”. After coming to No Longer Bound, Jason “went from an atheist to a firm believer in Christ. [No Longer Bound] helped me work through years of self-hatred and struggles with pain from my childhood. I’m in the best place of my life; honestly, I have more peace now than at any other time.”


Sawyer is a twin who loves participating in 5ks, and No Longer Bound has turned his life around. “I feel like I have a purpose. It’s changed my whole outlook on mistakes and how to work through them instead of identifying myself as one. I feel like it’s okay to feel again.


Off-shore fishing is Logan’s sport of choice, and his smile and Southern charm comes easily. How has No Longer Bound changed his life? “Family ain’t just a word anymore. I learned to believe in myself and love myself for who I am because of the family around me.”


Austin’s favorite way to spend his time is with his two kids, and No Longer Bound has been a key part in shaping who he is: “My life has been forever changed. I know who Austin is, and that my Heavenly Father loves me no matter what. And that means more to me than anything.”


Duncan enjoys basketball, fishing, and any other outdoor activities. No Longer Bound has changed his life, especially in regards to God. “My relationship has and continues to grow with God more than I could ever have imagined. It really swept me off my feet.”


Jeff serves as a volunteer fireman and loves football – especially when the Georgia Dawgs are playing! Family is important to Jeff, and he summarized his experience at No Longer Bound this way: “It’s given me hope to be the husband and father that God put me here to be.”